Top 10 fertility foods for preconception

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I have gathered my top 10 fertility foods that will help you to get your body in optimal health for fertility.  Eating nutrient dense foods is a great way to start getting your body ready for conception.

  • Whole foods provide antioxidants which protect the egg and sperm as they develop. The egg (and sperm) take 90 days to mature, so in 90 days you can improve the quality of your eggs

  • Whole foods help to replenish stores of vitamins and minerals which may have been depleted after using hormonal birth control and eating a nutrient poor diet.

  • Whole foods helps keep our blood sugar in check which helps to balance hormones.

  • Nutrient dense foods support the liver to detox the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to each day and to break down extra estrogens for elimination.

  • Whole foods provide the building blocks for our hormones

  • Whole foods provide lots of fiber to keep us regular so we can eliminate all that our body does not need.

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