Nourishing yourself doesn't have to be hard.


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Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there about fertility?

Do you feel exhausted with this journey to become a mother?

Do you feel like you are trying to do “all the things” and are failing because you can’t get pregnant?

Do you feel like everyone has some unsolicited “advice” about how you could get pregnant if you would “Just relax.”?


The journey to motherhood is an amazing transition in our lives, but when things don’t go as planned, and it takes time to get pregnant, it can feel like you are failing at the one thing your body is meant to do. 


You wish there was a place where someone would just listen to you and help you to make a plan for what to do next.  A place where you could have the time and space to work out what is best for you and create a plan for how you can get there.  And, someone to keep you on track so you follow through with your plans and meet your goals.


This is the place for you to find out what is best for your body.  No more pre-conception checklists, no unsolicited advice, no jumping from one “solution” to another.  Because you are a unique, amazing individual, and I don’t know the “answer” for you.

Do you know who does know the answer?


You are the expert on your body and your health.  I provide the place for you to hear your own thoughts and help you to make a plan for where to go next.  Together we create easy steps for you to take action and reach your goals.




You are ready to stop eating out for lunch.  Together, we find ways to make easy nutritious lunches you will want to eat.


You are ready to have energy all afternoon, no 3pm energy slump and run to the coffee shop.  Together, we find ways to eat nourishing food, get more sleep, and get some movement in your day.


You came off hormonal birth control and you feel disconnected from your body’s natural rhythms. Together, we find ways to help you listen to the signals from your body and interpret your own fertility signs.


You are so stressed at work, with your family and with trying to get pregnant.  Together, we find ways to help you decrease your stress and make choices for you and the family you are trying to create.



Our work together helps you to cut through the noise, all the conflicting information and the unsolicited advice out there so you can optimize your health for conception and create the most nourishing environment for your baby to grow.