Preparing for Pregnancy: Practical Strategies to Nurture Yourself and Get Ready for Conception

Are you thinking about getting pregnant?  Taking the time to nourish your body prior to conception is an investment in your health and the long term health of your baby.

This class, taught by fertility coach Tara McCann, will provide practical information about getting your body ready for pregnancy, and why you should start getting ready before you start trying to conceive.

Join us and learn:

  • How your hormones interact each month in your fertility cycle and when you can get pregnant each month

  • How nutrient depletions from long term hormonal birth control use or previous pregnancies can impact your fertility and how to replenish your nutrient stores

  • Practical strategies to avoid environmental chemicals that influence your hormones and the health of your child

  • Lifestyle choices to support your health and hormones for conception.

april 28, 2019 1:00-2:30 pm

Mamaspace Yoga

1306 NW Hoyt, #306

Portland, OR 97209

Pre-registration: $20 at the door $25


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Do you WANT to WANT IT when you NEED to DO IT?  

Wouldn’t it be more fun if timed intercourse was . . . more fun?

We want our children to be conceived in love and passion, but the reality of trying to conceive can be anything but that.

Timed intercourse can take all the fun and spark out of sex, turning it into another checklist item, leaving our partners feeling like sperm machines instead of our lovers and making us feel like we have to be in the mood because our OPK says it’s time, NOW!

How do we find or get back to that place where sex was something we really loved?

How do we get back to that place where our partners felt like our lovers?

In this class, you will learn the vital key to intimacy for conception: Better Connection. This class will teach you exactly how to get you there and keep your connection growing through this journey.

Come learn proven techniques to reclaim and fire up your relationship. Conception can be a sweet, sultry dance.  

Let’s make the process of creation a dance of connection.  

June 5, 2019 7:30-9:00 pm

MamaSpace Yoga

1306 NW Hoyt, #306

Portland, OR 97209

During the class, we will be participating in activities for increasing communication, intimacy and connection; to gain the most out of those activities, please register with your fertility journey support person. Ticket prices include 2 participants (you and your person for your fertility journey), couples, partners, duos, or supportive friends, all are welcome.


Early Bird until May 25th $29

May 25-June 4th $35

At the Door $42