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A 5-Day Whole Foods Detox to Help You Feel Better, Have More Energy, and jumpstart your fertility (Without Giving up Real Food!)


November 13-17, 2017


Are you thinking about getting pregnant?  

Are you ready to have a baby?

Do you want to nourish your body and get the nutrients you need to make sure your body is ready to conceive?

Are you unsure where to start?

Are you looking for a supportive community of women on the same path?


Then this program is for YOU!


If you’re ready to jumpstart your fertility, join me November 13-17, 2017 so you can re-set your eating habits, focus on eating nourishing whole foods, learn how to feed your body what it really wants, and the food it needs to get your body ready for conception and pregnancy.

With the 5-Day Detox you will:

  • Re-set your eating habits so you can get back on track with your health goals
  • Curb your sugar and carb cravings and stop eating the junk that snuck into your diet lately
  • Enjoy a whole-foods based cleanse with lots of support and yummy recipes – there’s no fasting or eating only cabbage soup here
  • Learn how to really feed your body so you have radiant health and energy, rather than relying on caffeine and energy drinks to get you through the day
  • Feed your body nourishing whole-foods that support hormonal balance and get your body ready for pregnancy
  • Find support from women who are motivated to make similar changes in their lives


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Why do a detox, anyway?  Don't our bodies know how to get clean all on their own?  

The truth of the matter is that we live in a toxic world.  We're exposed to pollutants on a daily basis, whether it's pesticides in our food, fumes from traffic, or chemicals in our personal care products.  Our bodies can only handle so much toxic input at a time.  When we get overloaded, we often experience negative symptoms like headaches, irritability, belly fat, bloating, breakouts, fatigue and more.

In addition to those symptoms, some toxins can be stored in our bodies, and many of these toxins are released when we breastfeed and are passed on to our babies.  The toxins we are exposed to in our daily life are also exposing our growing babies in our belly.  When the babies are so small, they have little ability to remove these toxins.

This 5-Day Detox for Fertility will start you on a path to decreasing the toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, and through a variety of whole foods, it will begin to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.  This detox is not the only step to prepare your body for pregnancy, but it will jumpstart you on a path to wellness, and help you tune into what truly nourishes you.

Detoxes can help:  

  • Rev up your metabolism.  A properly done detox can be great for re-setting your metabolism and burning fat that's been clinging to your body for years.
  • Give your body a break!  Digestion takes a lot of energy, and it's important to give our digestive systems a break every now and then so they can repair damage done from foods that can damage them, like fried, processed, and sugary treats.   
  • Reset your habits.  Have you noticed that you're reaching for the candy bowl more often than before?  Are you drinking more wine than water these days?  Cleanses are great for helping you become aware of your bad habits so you can start changing them.   
  • Make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Many of my detox clients tell me they have more energy, sleep better, and have more drive for life than ever before – pretty incredible for just 5 days!
  • Boost your fertility and balance your hormones.  Eating whole foods is the best way to help your body eliminate toxins from the environment and help your body process and eliminate hormones.


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Yeah, but…will this really work for me?

I know there are a lot of detoxes out there promising to be a miracle cure, but the 5-Day Detox is different because it focuses on introducing lots of healthy, nutrient dense foods into your diet rather than restricting you to a few foods and drinks. 

This detox is for you if:

  • You reach for a can of diet cola and a chocolate bar when the clock hits 3:00 PM.
  • You usually eat pretty well but there always seems to be something (a celebration at work, a night out with the girls) that derails your eating habits
  • You know you want to eat better and get your body ready for pregnancy, but you’re just not sure where to start
  • You want to find out how to feed your body for real instead of following another fad diet
  • You know things need to change, but you also know you need some support and guidance
  • You are MOTIVATED to eat nourishing food

  • You are COMMITTED to getting your body ready for pregnancy

  • You are READY to jumpstart your fertility journey now!

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If you are planning to start trying to have a baby in 2018, now is the perfect time to get your body ready.



It takes about 3 months for an egg to mature (and sperm too!) and be released.  So, the changes you make now, will impact the egg you release in late January/early February.



The study of epigenetics has shown us that the environment around our cells impacts what genes are turned on/off in our DNA.  This is especially important as the egg and sperm are growing, because the environment we create around those growing cells, turns on/off genes that will impact our children and grandchildren.  Epigenetics studies have shown that nutrition and lifestyle are 2 things that impact our genetic expression.



Hormonal birth control has been shown to decrease the ability for your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat.  As a result, you may be deficient in many key nutrients which your body needs for conception and pregnancy.  This 5 day detox gets you started on the path of eating nourishing, nutrient-dense, whole foods which will provide your body with the nutrients it needs.  And, as a bonus, the food is easy to make.


It takes time to create a new habit.  Learning to nourish and nurture yourself, and to make yourself a priority (even when circumstances change or an event comes up) takes time, practice, and support from those around us.  





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What you’ll get in the 5-Day Detox kit:

  • A done-for-you detox guide that tells you exactly what to do and when, so you’ll never be left wondering whether you’re doing things right
  • Step-by-step guidance that will make sure your 5-Day Detox is a success!
  • A recipe book containing breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and snack ideas for the 5-Day Detox and bonus recipes for you as you continue on your fertility journey.
  • A suggested meal guide which you can customize based on your tastes and schedule
  • A how-to webinar with information about prepping for the detox so you are ready to go on Day 1,  and ideas for customizing your meal plan and a few ways to deepen the detox process.
  • A private, members-only Facebook group where we can support each other on this journey
  • Direct support from me during the week of November 13-17, 2017


I’m all about making this EASY and FUN - two words that usually aren't associated with the idea of a detox or cleanse.  In fact, I’m so committed to your success that you'll get the following bonuses just for signing up!

  • Bonus #1:  An Eating Out Guide so you can make conscious choices when you are eating out during the week and stick with the detox.
  • Bonus #2: A Deepening your Detox handout with suggestion for optional ways to make lifestyle changes that will lessen your toxic load and support your body as you remove toxins
  • Bonus #3: Nourishing Your Cycle e-book to help you tune into your own natural rhythms, learn about your fertility signs, and provide tips on ways to support your body as it shifts through the different phases of your menstrual cycle


For all of this, you'll invest just $77 (Early Bird Pricing) or $97 to re-set your eating habits, curb your cravings and jumpstart your fertility journey. This is a seriously awesome deal - did you notice all those bonuses?!

Registration for the Fall Detox is closed.  To be added to the wait list for the Winter Detox, contact me here



Money back guarantee: I believe my 5-Day Detox for Fertility will help you feel and look better. If you follow the protocols and you find that doesn’t happen for you, just send an email to (your email address) within two weeks of signing up and I’ll refund your money within 72 business hours, no questions asked. There’s absolutely no risk – if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back. 


Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email at taramccannwellness@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Here’s to being Fabulously Fertile!

Lots of love and healthy eating,

Tara McCann, INHC



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