You want to get pregnant and you’re here because:

  • You are getting ready for a big transition in your life, becoming a mother, and you are looking for guidance and support, not advice

  • You see lots of information when you google "getting pregnant", but you don’t want a checklist, you want to know how to make changes for your body in your life

  • You want a safe space to voice your concerns about becoming a mother, without someone trying to fix you or tell you to “just relax, it will happen”

  • You know you need to “eat healthy”, but don’t know what to eat, when to eat, and how to cook

  • You are ready to expand your family and know you need to take care of yourself, but always end up eating your child’s leftovers for lunch


If any or all of the above apply to you, you are in the right place!






Hi there! I’m Tara McCann and it’s my mission to empower women to nourish themselves as they prepare their bodies for pregnancy.  The amazing women I work with learn to tune into their own intuition about what works for their bodies and their lives as they embark on their journey to becoming mothers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 8 couples, in the US has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.  My husband and I were one of those couples. You can read more about my journey here, but the short version is, it took over 2 years to get pregnant with my first daughter.  During that time, I learned a lot about my body and my fertility. I made changes to what I ate, how I managed stress, and how I took care of myself. With the help of reproductive medicine, I was able to get pregnant.  Then, less than a year after I had my first, I was pregnant again without reproductive medicine.


I discovered health coaching first as a client, and during my healing journey, I knew that the support I got from my coach was the support I had wanted during my fertility journey.  I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2014 and I am currently completing the Women’s Health Coaching program from Integrative Women’s Health Institute (IWHI).



Here are few fun facts about me:

  • I love to be near the water, preferably the ocean, but a bubbling stream or the fountain in my yard will work too!

  • I am a cat person.  I like dogs, but prefer to have a purring cat on my lap while I am relaxing.

  • I love to knit, it is meditative for me. I started making hats while I was trying to get pregnant.  I have made a couple pairs of socks, but I would rather make scarves, especially ones that are big enough to be a shawl.

  • Coffee vs tea  I enjoy coffee, but have learned through my own health journey that coffee doesn’t like me.  Even if I drink a small cup in the morning, I have a hard time going to bed at night. It took time for me to realize (and accept) that I was affected by coffee, but now that I have, I wake up with more energy and I am able to fall asleep easily at night.


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Nutrition and lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your health and ability to conceive, but the most valuable part of the coaching process is the support of a person who has been on a similar journey.



The journey to motherhood is an incredible transition in your life.  And while there is lots of “advice” out there from friends, family and google, it can be hard to know what is right for you and how to actually implement these new strategies.


Are you ready to start nourishing your body?  


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