Eleven years ago, after peeing on a stick for what felt like the millionth time, I curled up on the couch and started to cry . . . for what felt like the millionth time.  

Why couldn’t I get pregnant?

What was wrong with me?

What was I doing wrong?

I felt defeated and sad, like there was a hole in my heart that would never be filled by the child I dreamed of.

The fertility journey can be an incredibly lonely place.  

I had amazing support from my husband, my acupuncturist, and from two friends I had shared my story with, but they weren’t there all the time, in my head, as I examined every twinge in my body for signs of pregnancy, anguished over what to eat and what not to eat, looked at other pregnant women and wondered, why not me?

I don’t want this for you.

I want every woman to feel supported on their journey to motherhood.

So I left my career as an Occupational Therapist and began health coaching. I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2014 and completed the Women’s Health Coaching program from Integrative Women’s Health Institute (IWHI) in 2018.

The reason I do this work is to make sure no other woman feels as lonely as I did on my journey.

I learned the hard way about listening to my body and the plethora of choices facing me every single day . . . and now I want to share the things I learned with you.

Sometimes when I was trying to get pregnant, there were so many ideas, new things to try, criticisms of myself and why me’s that I couldn’t think straight.  I had a good support system, but my husband just wanted me to be out of pain and would try to come up with solutions when all I really needed was someone to listen so I could hear myself talk and figure it out for myself.  Someone who had been there before and had the knowledge to help me when I knew what I needed or suggestions when I was feeling lost. Not wanting to fix me, but being there to help me make the changes that felt right for me.

That is why I do what I do … to be that person for other women who are getting ready for pregnancy

Just like I had, there are literally a million options in front of you right now. Keeping your calm among the chaos and knowing the next step for you comes down to intuition and knowing yourself. You can do this for yourself . . . or you can reach out for support and guidance along the way.

No matter where you are in your journey, I am here to support you as you learn to nourish yourself and to tune into your own intuition about what you need.  

Let’s find a time to talk so we can connect!

Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant in the next year, you have just come off birth control or you’ve been trying for a while, I can support you to listen to your own intuition about your body and help you move forward in a way that feels best to you.

And it is all about you!

You have the power to influence your fertility journey… before it begins.

  • You can choose to get to know your own body and your own cycle.  You can learn when/if you ovulate and when your fertile window is.  

  • You can choose to nurture your cycle with nourishing food.

  • You can choose radical self-care, finding activities that nurture you and feed your soul

  • You can choose to buy products which support your hormone balance.

You can choose to start now -- and I want to hear all about the choices you’re facing. Let’s find the best time for you to talk, and then we’ll chat!

Here are few fun facts about me:

Untitled design-5.png
  • I love to be near the water, preferably the ocean, but a bubbling stream or the fountain in my yard will work too!

  • I am a cat person.  I like dogs, but prefer to have a purring cat on my lap while I am relaxing.

  • I love to knit, it is meditative for me. I started making hats while I was trying to get pregnant.  I have made a couple pairs of socks, but I would rather make scarves, especially ones that are big enough to be a shawl.

  • Coffee vs tea  I enjoy coffee, but have learned through my own health journey that coffee doesn’t like me.  Even if I drink a small cup in the morning, I have a hard time going to bed at night. It took time for me to realize (and accept) that I was affected by coffee, but now that I have, I wake up with more energy and I am able to fall asleep easily at night.

Enough about me, I want to hear about what’s going on in your fertility journey and help you to determine your next steps. Click here let’s find a time to connect!